What is J.A.D.E? 

We decided that it is time that we do something together as entrepreneurs.  So, we formed Joint Association to Develop Entrepreneurship (J.A.D.E).  J.A.D.E is entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  We want conference that speak our language.  We don’t want to be JADED so we decide to prepare our own, for our own breed.

What can I get from attending?

If you don’t know anything about startup or being an entrepreneur, you would learn some exciting info about launching your own startup, joining a startup, or being an entrepreneur.  You will learn how to Go from Idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP), you will hear real life stories about Refining Your Product to Something Commercial, you will learn the Challenging Process on Making a Scalable Product and more.

If you are an existing entrepreneur, you will learn about Product-Market Fit.  You will learn about Lean Startup Methodology.

If you are a product engineer, a project manager, you will learn about SCRUM methodology and how to apply it.

If you are a successful entrepreneur, just come and share your insights.  We at J.A.D.E believe that no matter how successful we are, we still have a lot to learn.  We believe in learning by sharing.  Just come and be a J.A.D.E. sharer!

What should I wear to the J.A.D.E conference?

The dress code is casual.  Jeans are best.  But if you don’t like jeans, we won’t forbid you from wearing something you feel comfortable in, even if that means formal suit.

When do the sharing starts?

Registration and mingling starts at 8.30am and the conference starts sharp at 9.00am.  Yes, we are that sharp!  Be on time so you don’t miss the best part of the conference.  The officiate ceremony starts at 10.00am, and you don’t want to miss this!  It’s going to be amazing!

Who can attend J.A.D.E Conference 2018?

This event is opened to anyone with a valid ticket.  However, in order to make the event meaningful to you and to the sharers, we do ask you to come prepared with a few questions in mind.  Ask as many questions as you can through our interactive app, sponsored by EventXtra.

Can I get a refund if I can’t make it to the conference?

Sorry, we do not provide refund.


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