Startups?  Scaling up?  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet top-notch Silicon Valley investors, serial entrepreneurs, and product experts!!

A total of 300 entrepreneurs, incubators and venture capitalists!   One of the best networking events for startups and entrepreneurs in town!!

Don’t have the time to go to Stanford?!  We brought Dr. Sohila Zadran to Hong Kong.  Dr. Zadran teaches AI and deep learning at Stanford University!  She not only obtained her Ph.D at the age of 23 but by age 30, she’s already a 4 times serial entrepreneur and has successfully sold two of her startups!

You hear about Design Thinking but how to apply it?  Asiamiles’ CEO, Stephen S.Y.Wong, will share his insights into Design Thinking and how as a startup, you can also leverage on this methodology to understand users needs!

SC Moatti, bestselling author and founder of Products That Count, the world largest platform for product managers, will share her prior experience in Nokia and Facebook on how to unlock new sources of growth!

And some of our many top-notch speakers also include:

  • Sammy Hsieh, Co-Founder and CEO, iClick Interactive (listed on NASDAQ)
  • Lap Man, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Beyond Ventures, CEO of DYXnet Group
  • Dr. Samantha Du, Founder and CEO of Zai Lab (listed on NASDAQ) and Managing Partner of Quan Venture Fund
  • Alan Chiu, Partner, XSeed Capital, and Co-President of Stanford Angel & Entrepreneurs
  • Dr. Sri Iyengar, Founder and CEO of Elemental Machines, previously co-founder of Misfit Wearables
  • Danny Yeung, Co-Founder and CEO of Prenetics
  • Patrick Guerra, Co-Founder, Encore Venture Accelerator
  • Dr. Hobert Wai, Partner, Black Tiger Capital
  • Patrick Ip, Managing Director, China-ASEAN Fund
  • Brandon Ng, Founder & CEO, AMPD, Forbes 30 under 30
  • Raymond Yip, Co-Founder & CEO, Clickful
  • Daniel Walker, Founder & CEO, Zegal (formerly DragonLaw)

And many more…visit our website to learn more:

How  to achieve Product-Market Fit?

  • Listen to SC Moatti, Founder of Products That Count, the largest platform in the world for product managers and best selling author on Unlocking New Sources of Growth with Product-Market Fit strategy
  • Interact with Alan Chiu, Partner of XSeed Capital, and Founder of partner at Xseed Capital, Co-founder and head of Product at Listo Financial, and co-President at Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs. Hear Alan talk about drivers shaping enterprise UX and how entrepreneurs can get the right “framing” to rally customers around a new product
  • Learn from Sammy Hsieh, Co-Founder & CEO of iClick Interactive on how we built his Hong Kong startup from scratch and devise a product market fit strategy for China market

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Application

  • What does the future of AI hold and what barriers need to be overcome with current neural network models? How can startups apply AI to scale their growth?
  • Hear Dr. Sohila Zadran, a lecturer at Stanford on AI and Deep Learning, share her insights
  • Hear from Tak Lo, Co-founder and Partner at Zeroth.AI, the only AI incubator in Hong Kong to share his stories!

Agile Development, SCRUM, Lean Startup Methodology?  Which one is best for me?

  • Have you watched the HBO Silicon Valley series in which SCRUM has made them go faster?  Watch this short excerpt:  But is it possible that your startup biggest risk isn’t getting the software built, but validating that there are customers out there that want your product, and can use it?
  • Dr. Hobert Wai, Partner at Black Tiger Capital, will share with you how to apply SCRUM and agile development in the biotech context
  • Patrick Guerra, former senior executive at HP and AMD, now co-founder of Encore Venture Accelerator, will share on how to apply learn startup methodology

How do you apply Design Thinking to drive innovation and growth?

  • Empower others in your company with design thinking to drive innovation.  Asiamiles’ CEO, Stephen S.Y. Wong, a highly sought after speaker will talk about how he apply design thinking in action

Founders’ Stories (un-conference style)

  • Nothing is better than real life stories! We bring many to you!
  • Hendrick Sin, Co-founder & Vice-Chairman of CMGE Group will share with you his over 15 years of experience navigating China market and how he built CMGE to be the largest publisher on all platforms of mobile games in China!
  • And many more…